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Schwartz RE Properties Group, LLC

We'll make your home stand out

Grab interest

Professionally taken photographs and staging make a wold of difference to buyers. Why is this? It's because buyer's first impressions of your home is done online, by the photos posted of your home. When a potential buyers looks at your home online, they are trying to decide if your home is one of the homes they will be visiting in person.  We'll help you stage your home to look its best! Research shows that the majority of buyers these days will only walk into less than ten homes that they have selected online. Clients ask us all the time, "If thats so, then  why doesn't everyone use professionally taken photos, and professional staging?", It's simple, marketing cost generally come out of the listing agents pocket, lots of agents skim on the expense of hiring a professional photographer that specializes in real estate photography, and/or a stager.

Generate excitement

Coming soon campaigns are a great way to let everyone know your home is about to hit the market, thus insuring you have the highest number of interested buyers percent when you decide to list. As you know coming soon campaigns cost money. Not to worry, well take care of all of it, printed ads, boosted online marketing, and neighborhood mail outs, we got you!

Close the deal

Let us do the heavy lifting. We will prepare paperwork, negotiate conditions, arrange showings, and do everything else we need to in order to sell your home.